Volunteer Program

SIVUS Volunteer Program

SIVUS Institute is a registered voluntary social welfare agency working to uplift the condition of the intellectually handicapped, physically handicapped and old aged handicapped persons around the Rajshahi since 1992. This institute has already identified more than 1000 intellectually handicapped persons within 60 km radius of Rajshahi University. Most of these persons are beyond any special care program, neglected and ignored by the society. Many of them remain confined inside their own houses. SIVUS Volunteers have identified many cases those who were not provided proper clothes, food, and housing by their own family members due to ignorance and many other drawbacks. During 1992 – 2016, the SIVUS Volunteers have succeeded to change the attitude of the family members and the community leaders towards these handicapped persons.

SIVUS Institute coordinates a volunteer program to help these handicapped persons, both in the urban and rural areas. SIVUS Institute needs a help of hundreds of new volunteers who can spare some time and provide counseling services.

Who can become a volunteer?

  • Any person aged over 18 years.
  • Any person who can spare at least one hour per week with the handicapped person.
  • Can visit the residence of the handicapped person or the SIVUS Centers at his/her own cost.

What you do as a volunteer?

  • Affiliate yourself with a handicapped person near your own home, educational institution or workplace through the SIVUS Institute.
  • Visit your affiliate person regularly.
  • Spend at least one hour with him/her per week with your affiliated person. Try to talk and play with him/ her.
  • Observe him/her total condition and inform the SIVUS Institute if he/she needs some medical or psychological attention. Inform his/ her problems and prospects.
  • Guide SIVUS Volunteer Doctors, Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Counseling experts, and other professionals to him/ her.
  • Become an expert to handle such persons with special needs. Become a special educator to teach the person perform his/ her Daily Living Activities and other skills.
  • Motivate the family members of your affiliated person to uplift the total condition of the handicapped persons.

What you get as a SIVUS Volunteer?

  • No financial benefit.
  • Training and certificate on intellectual disability related basic general courses and other short courses related to developmental disabilities offered by the SIVUS Institute.
  • Silver Certificate on completion of 50 hours and Gold Certificate on completion of 100 hours with your affiliated handicapped persons.
  • Chances of joining different seminars and conferences.
  • Meet some friends who are dedicated volunteers like you. Some of them are young and some of them are renowned physicians, scientists in the home and abroad.
  • Get the honest and sincere friendship of the handicapped persons and their family members.
  • Some mental peace and pleasure that you have done a good job towards mankind.

How to become a SIVUS Volunteer?

  • Meet any SIVUS Volunteer near you and express your interest.
  • Write a letter to the SIVUS Institute, 79 Shalbagan, Airport Road, PO Shopura, Rajshahi 6203.
  • Send an email to any of the Executive Committee Member.

At present, there are about 300 SIVUS Volunteers in Bangladesh who are students and teachers of different universities, colleges, medical colleges, and of many other professions including housewives. They are regularly visiting their affiliated handicapped persons.

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