Background of SIVUS Bangladesh

SIVUS Bangladesh is a registered voluntary social welfare agency working to uplift the life of the mentally handicapped persons. Registered in 1992 with Social Welfare Department of Bangladesh Government. SIVUS volunteers are University and Medical students, community leaders and family members of the handicapped persons.

SIVUS Bangladesh published two books ‘Virgin Village Bandaikhara’ and ‘SIVUS Group Dynamic Principles: Hatgangopara’. The SIVUS volunteers work in their own respective rural areas. They keep constant contact with the handicapped persons and their families. They mainly spend time with the mentally handicapped persons and their family members. Update them with the recent advancements in the fields of special education, health care and community based rehabilitation.

SIVUS Bangladesh arranged several seminars, symposium, awareness programs, medical camps during 1992 – 2008. The Third International SIVUS Conference was hosted by SIVUS Bangladesh in 2002 at Rajshahi University in Bangladesh and the Fifth International SIVUS Conference at Dhaka University in 2009.

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